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Our Magnificent Focus

Alivio Products is one of the few companies in the world that is totally focused on developing transdermally delivered Magnesium-based mind-body wellness products. The World Health Organization estimated that 75% of adults consume a diet that is deficient in Magnesium. Without Magnesium, your body cannot achieve optimal health.
Transdermal Delivery

Studies show that Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, avoiding gut issues and increasing absorption. We only offer Magnesium-based lotions, balms, sprays and soaks.

Simply Powerful

Used alone, our ingredients would do wonders but the alchemy of Alivio’s combination restores, replenishes and supports magnificent health and wellness.

Essential Magnesium Complex™

All of our products start with a proprietary blend of Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Chloride for maximum health benefits and absorption.

Essential Oils

We only use 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that have been used for thousands of years to address a wide range of health challenges.

Plant-Based, All-Natural Ingredients

Because we use the most forward-thinking ingredients, all of our products are naturally anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and skin conditioning.

Socially Responsible

All-Natural • Vegan • Gluten-Free • Hypoallergenic • Plant Based • Non-GMO • Fair Trade

Our Vision

Transform global health outcomes by leading the natural products industry in developing transdermally-delivered Magnesium-based wellness products for consumer and professional markets, while being admired for our commitment to sustainability.

Our Values

Alivio Product’s culture is driven by respect, transparency, integrity, collaboration and direct feedback. We have no room on our team for disrespect, office politics or discrimination of any kind. We’re obsessed with communicating with our customers as well as within the team. We listen to all ideas. We hate bureaucracy, naysayers and slow-moving organizations – but we’re suckers for well-defined processes and flawless execution. We plan the work and then we work the plan, step back to assess and make iterative improvements as needed. At every level of the organization, we are able to laugh at ourselves, act with courage, think long-term, strive to be remarkable and we challenge the norms. We believe in work-life balance and always put family first. We are committed to doing our part to protect the planet. Our success is measured by the health improvements in our end users and the value we bring to our customers, partners and internal team.

Meet Our Team

Tami C. Gaines

Tami Gaines is the high-energy Founder of Alivio Products.  For the last 20 years, Tami led Sage Enterprises, a strategic consultancy she founded with a focus on identifying revenue opportunities, turning around flat sales and creating strategic marketing and business plans for clients that have included The Marriott Corporation, Bank of America and Unilever.  Prior to founding Sage Enterprises, Ms. Gaines directed the marketing efforts of large international consumer products companies and her branding and product development experience has included Irish Spring, Lady Speed Stick, Gold Bond Powder and Ovaltine.

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Dr. Jsahna L. Simmons, ND

Dr. Jsahna Simmons is a dedicated naturopathic physician and a creative force in the ever-expanding wellness industry. For the last twenty years, her clinical expertise has been devoted to her private practice in Montclair, New Jersey. By integrating a full complement of natural health modalities including therapeutic nutrition and nutriceuticals, herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy and hypnosis, Dr. Simmons has guided her patients towards optimal health and well-being. In doing so, she has developed an exceptionally loyal following. For nearly 10 years, Dr. Simmons served as a member of the clinical faculty of the NutraMetrix Educational Institute through which she trained other physicians and health care professionals in the practice of integrative medicine on a national scale. 

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How You Can Partner With Us


Do you want to share these benefits with your friends, family, social media network or on your website? Are you a believer in the healing powers of Magnesium?  Do you want to share these benefits with your friends, family and social media network?  Then become an Alivio Affiliate!  You’ll get all of the tools you need to provide information and purchase opportunities to your inner circle and create another stream of income for you.

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You supply the customers. Alivio provides everything you need to drive sales in our multi-billion dollar markets.  Whether it’s stress relief, pregnancy health, sports recovery and/or men’s health!  We are committed to working with high-quality retailers and wholesalers that will not undermine the quality of our products and will support our commitment to the end user.

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