Alivio Products, Inc. was founded out of the Founder’s personal experience with Magnesium during her pre-term pregnancy.  We are committed to bringing the highest quality, sustainable, healing products to those we serve.

The MAGniac panel is a group of down-to-earth consumers who are involved in…well…life.  We don’t care about your political views, background, personal situation or what media you watch.  What we really want is your honest, personal opinions about potential product ideas, fragrances, consistency, etc.

We know that your opinions are the lifeblood of our business. Your insights and opinions on products, services, brands and trends help our customers understand the new global marketplace, helps them design and produce better products & services, shape improved advertising & public awareness campaigns and drive political thought leadership to new levels.  We don’t need any market research firm in between you and us.  All we know is that your opinion matters.

As a member of the MAGniac Panel, you earn rewards including no-cost Alivio Products, cash and gift cards from leading sites like Amazon, iTunes and many others. We use this special panel to send you invitations for online surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups and many other exciting research opportunities. Join our panel now to share your opinions, make a real difference and earn great rewards.

Click here to join!  Your information will always remain confidential.

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