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DESTRESSology Product Reviews:

Can’t wait to order more!

“As soon as my Alivio product came in I couldn’t wait to detox myself in the tub. As I was relaxing listening to my yoga music it was so calming and felt so good ! I saw the dead cells coming off my skin feeling so soft. I can’t wait to order more products! Thank you so much it’s all worth it!!!”

Chakima Rankins

Little more than a week and I feel so much better!

“Since December, I’ve been experiencing symptoms of vertigo … dizziness, nausea, fatigue. I went to my primary care physician and was put on meclizine and a steroid. After two weeks, there was no improvement. I was then given another round of steroids, meclizine and an antibiotic. Two more weeks went by and still no improvement. I spent the last two months going to audiologists, ENTs, having blood work done, an MRI, vestibular testing … all of my tests were coming back completely normal yet all the vertigo symptoms continued. Having doing everything the doctors recommended and getting no relief, I decided on finding a different approach and gave the DESTRESSology Detox Bath Crystal’s and Magnesium Balm a try. After just 2 days, I felt a tremendous improvement. It is not a coincidence that just a couple of days after using these products, I started to feel better when 3 months of testing and medications did nothing for me. I have continued to use the bath and balm for a little more than a week and I feel so much better! There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have found these products! I will continue to make them part of my routine. I look forward to trying more of Alivio’s products and, to anyone experiencing any kind of unexplainable symptoms, I highly recommend you try using these products before suffering through months of medications and testing like I did!”

Angela Nicole

More at peace!

“I love the DESTRESSology body balm for multiple reasons! I notice I feel more at peace when using it regularly and also enjoy my arthritis not bothering me. My skin feels wonderful after using!! Smells awesome!”

Jenna Partridge

Boom Boom Butter Reviews:

I really love this product line.

“I really love this product line. We don’t realize how important magnesium is to our bodies. My partner and I have been using the Boom Boom Butter for some time now, and we love it. Such a fun and easy way to incorporate magnesium into your daily activities. The consistency is wonderful, and it’s smells great. I highly recommend this product. I am looking forward to trying other products in the line soon.”

Charity Casey

Video Reviews:

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