There have been dozens of books and articles written on the health benefits of magnesium.   We will be updating this list frequently to provide the latest information on the healing power of magnesium.  

Articles About Magnesium:

  • Benefits of Magnesium Are Far Greater Than Previously Imagined by Dr. Mercola (Read More)
  • Transdermal Magnesium Therapy (Read More)
  • Dr. Oz On The Importance of Magnesium (Read More)
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean, Magnesium: The Missing Link to Better Health (Read More)
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean, Why We’re All Magnesium Deficient (Read More)
  • Dr. Mark Hyman, Magnesium for Relaxation (Read More)
  • The Miracle Minerals: Chromium, Selenium and Magnesium, World Health Network (Read More)
  • Magnesium Cream – A Viable Alternative to Tablets, World Health Network (Read More)
  • Magnesium May Help Reduce Colon Cancer Risk, World Health Network (Read More)

Articles about Magnesium and Stress

  • Magnesium The Stress Reliever by Dr. Leo Galland (Read More)
  • Magnesium and the Brain: The Original Chill Pill by Dr Emily Deans (Read More)

  • Supplements That Fight Stress on Dr. Oz (Read More)