Transdermal Magnesium Delivery

May 27, 2021by TGaines

Magnesium is quickly becoming increasingly interesting to the mainstream — those looking to heal themselves naturally rather than resorting to prescription drugs or surgery.  With the plethora of Magnesium supplements on the market, the question becomes which, what and how to take it?

Let me help you make sense of your options.  And before we get started, let me say that most Magnesium supplements on the market today are useless for two reasons:

  1. They’re made from the wrong form of Magnesium
  2. Oral supplementation is ineffective

Let’s break it down.

When in need of vitamin or mineral supplements, many people automatically turn to oral supplements such as tablets or capsules. However, a growing body of research suggests that transdermal supplements (topical supplements that are applied directly onto the skin, such as oils or sprays) may have additional benefits. This is particularly the case for Transdermal Magnesium therapy.

Rapid Absorption

The application of magnesium chloride (the form of magnesium used in supplementation) as a topical therapy such as transdermal magnesium oil or transdermal magnesium spray, induces a rapid rate of absorption that exceeds that seen in oral supplementation. Certain digestive issues may prevent the absorption of magnesium ingested through diet or through oral magnesium supplements, however a topical application of magnesium effectively bypasses these issues as the magnesium is absorbed rapidly through the skin, avoiding the digestive system entirely. Transdermal magnesium therapy works so fast (with some reports indicating that it is absorbed in just 90 seconds!) that the only quicker method is intravenous injection (directly into the blood).   Heat also increases the rate of which transdermal magnesium is absorbed, so it can be useful to apply a hot towel to the area after magnesium application, for instance if you have a particularly tense or painful area, or alternatively soak in a warm bath with some of Magnesium salts.

Better Tolerated

Some people find that they do not tolerate oral ingestion of magnesium supplements very well. Magnesium does have laxative properties, and although the majority of these issues can be dealt with by adjusting the dosage, some people find that loose stools are an issue when taking oral forms of magnesium supplements. Other gastrointestinal problems can also present with larger doses of magnesium taken orally. Transdermal magnesium therapy effectively bypasses the digestive system, meaning that these issues can be avoided. Instead, the magnesium chloride (the chemical name of magnesium salt) is rapidly absorbed directly through the skin and into the bloodstream, and is much better tolerated.

Transdermal, or “topical” magnesium is particularly helpful for those seeking a safe method of increasing magnesium intake beyond that possible with oral supplements.



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